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Our Retreats

creative exploration  |  yoga  |  breathwork  |  meditation  |  functional movement | ritual

Banksia Wellness Retreats was created by a collective of holistic practitioners/teachers, inspired by a passion for complete health of mind, body & soul, reconnecting to self and earth.

The Banksia represents new beginnings and 'rebirth'.  The flower transitions with the seasons and needs fire to burst forth seeds for new life (just as we do), symbolising renewed enthusiasm and interest in life.

Combining yoga, breath work, functional movement, creative play, art therapy, and philosophy, our retreats hold an inclusive space for you to explore your inner and outer worlds. 

You will be guided by facilitators with decades of experience in mental, physical and spiritual health as well as nutritional wellness. Each facilitator brings a commitment to their own spiritual practice, an integral aspect of our offering.​

Take this time to look inwards, cultivate peace and presence and step forward with new tools to integrate back into your life.

We invite you to discover a deeper sense of connection to your body’s innate wisdom, soul purpose, and nature’s rhythm.

The Facilitators


Bianca Clayton

Bianca is a chiropractor, movement specialist and doula. She honours the retreat space as a place to breathe and rest, and to leave with wisdom and reconnection. 

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Eliza Shumack

Eliza is an art therapist, counsellor, and yoga teacher and is inspired by the powerful space created within a group environment. 

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Emma Sternberg

Emma is a kinesiologist with a degree in health science (comp.med) helping clients with the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of being human. 

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Upcoming Retreats



Rest and Replenish Retreat for Mothers

27th May 2022 -

30th May 2022

Sea Eagle Point


VIP Retreat for Women in Business

~Embodied Impact~

26th August 2022 -

29th August 2022

Blue Green Sanctuary


Recalibrate -

Diving into Health 

Sept/Oct 2022

Date and exact location TBC

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