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Emma Sternberg

Hi, I’m Emma Kinesiologist, mum of 2 boys and lover of life!

The holistic nature of my career means that I am able to be there for most stages of life, through the whole gamet of changes and seasons. 

As a kinesiologist with a degree in health science ( I’m there to help my clients with the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of being human. 

And I love humans! I love our messiness and the way we all pretend not to be hurt or lonely.

Underneath everything, we all need to be heard, nurtured and shown unconditional love and kindness. 

That’s what the retreats are to me. A space which is held for listening and nurture. 

I have to admit, my little family and my work are my world.

But in those extra spaces I love to just be with friends, at the beach and at home.. and I’m not shy on a dance floor! 

What I bring to the retreats is the experience of 14 years of listening to thousands of people and their stories.

I understand our patterns and what we most deeply crave. 


But mostly, I love that through these retreats we get the space to connect - to ourselves, to nature and each other. 

Bianca Clayton

I am a chiropractor, movement specialist and doula.


I honour the retreat space as a place to breathe and rest, to find wisdom and reconnection. My own professional experience has called me to hold space for transitions of rebirthing, allowing it to flow with ease. It was the powerful transformation that I have witnessed within birth that truly inspired me to co-create Banksia Wellness Retreats. 


What fascinates me is the mirror that is reflected between the physical and emotional body. When people make the connection between the emotional body and their physical body, that is when  I see profound change in clinic.

We can change our physical  body (with breathwork, movement, squatting) to instantly change how we are feeling! Finding the wisdom and tools to do this on a daily basis is amazing!


I personally thrive on a movement and mobility practice along with breath work and meditation. I also love the freedom of listening in to my intuitive body, sometimes it says, 'nah just get in the water and go for a surf today'. Sounds good to me!  

Preparing organic and local plant-based meals for my family is a true love of mine, along with surfing and conscious parenting my two little loves. 

Eliza Shumack
Art Therapist | Counsellor | Yoga Teacher

Hi there!

I am an Art Therapist, Counsellor and Yoga teacher and the magic that occurs while sitting in circle is what inspired me to join this collaboration. I am drawn to all forms of creativity as well as movement and am enlivened by human connection.

My own journey has included all modalities that I utilise within my practice and therefore drives my passion to share with others. I find peace and vitality in nature and find myself diving into the ocean whenever I can. 

I work specifically with grief and loss as well as carers within my private practice and utilise a person-centred and trauma-informed approach. I am particularly interested in utilising yoga to support our mental health and hold both Art Therapy and yoga workshops online and in person.

I am deeply moved by all colours of our human experience and believe in the power of holding that within a group, ultimately seeing ourselves in each other.

I'd love to meet you at one of our retreats!

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