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Rest & Replenish

A 3-day retreat for women to explore connection, creation and movement


2 nights, 3 days

October TBA 2024

Blueys Beach, NSW

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We know how hard it is to find the time to do something that reenergises ourselves. Yet sometimes we feel deeply that time is what we deeply crave, deeply need. 

Come and join us within a safe and welcoming space where you can explore embodiment practices, learn about tools to quieten your mind and retreat from the daily noise.










The crystal clear waters and spectacular headlands of Blueys Beach are the ideal location to take a pause from your everyday life and replenish your stores surrounded by ocean and national park.


Each day will commence with a balance of stillness and movement. We use a range of offerings throughout the day to explore cycles and transitions throughout our lives as women and ways we can experiment with different tools to find moments of flow. Our days conclude with restorative practices, breathwork, gentle stretch and dreaming.

We aim to support you to move towards a greater sense of being present, whole and held within the group.

You will have ample time to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, or take a walk over the headland to Boomerang Beach.

Or simply relax by the pool and read a book.

Whatever it is that you need right now.


Cycles of womanhood creative workshop

Functional Movement:strength and mobility

Mindfulness exploration


DNS flow 


Yoga nidra

Women's Circle work

Yin yoga

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This retreat involves Eliza and Bianca, facilitating the weekend with care and compassion.


Eliza is an art therapist, counsellor, and yoga teacher and is deeply moved by all colours of our human experience and how we ultimately see ourselves in each other. Eliza is a trauma-informed practitioner and holds the therapeutic space with deep compassion. Eliza will immerse us in the creative realm with art therapy, creative play and yoga. Enjoy guided meditations and beautiful discourse on how we can best nourish ourselves. 

As a chiropractor, Bianca has a deep understanding of human movement and the physical body, with full awareness that each and every body is unique and moves in its own innate way. She will hold fundamental movement play and mobility, yin yoga and breath work.

Together, you will be held - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 




Throughout the retreat you will be nourished with the most delectable, locally-sourced organic wholefoods. 


We assure you that your belly’s will be glowing with vitality and delight.


Walk on the Beach

‘Eliza and Bianca created such a welcoming and spiritually safe space to simply be, connect and rest.

 I am so grateful and will reflect on this experience always. Thank you with my open heart.'

— Naomi, Dec 2021


 'In almost 50 years of my life I have never felt so supported, accepted and loved just as I am.


A complete nourishment - mind, body and soul.Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.'

— Anon, Dec 2021 Retreat

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