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This time we are collaborating with Greg and Tracy, of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Melbourne and Darren from Great Lakes Osteopathy,
to bring you..



A 3-day retreat to restore and revitalise the ways in which we move.

After such a fun retreat last year Darren and Bianca are doing it again. We will return to the very simplest foundations of movement and posture. Immersing, relearning and integrating DNS principles into the way we move and breathe. 


3 nights, 4 days

August 16th (4pm) -19th (1pm), 2024

Pacific PalmHinterland, NSW



This unique retreat will take a deep dive into DNS, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, using the very framework of movement and posture that we developed over the first year of life as an infant.

We begin by observing our posture through movement,

and create more awareness of how we are moving.

We can then relearn more stable, functional movement patterns

and bring longevity into our physical body.


This work is profound and powerful, and can be applied to ALL your current movement practices/exercises. 


Making our movements sustainable, so that we can continue to do the things we love, for as long as we want



Whether you're a surfer, horse-rider, yogi, golfer or even starting a movement journey, it just feels so good to be stable and strong while moving. 

When we begin to learn to move in this way, it's often that we experience those "AHA" moments. These make all the difference. 

The more we learn, then put into practice, the easier it feels, and with time, the brain will take it on as an unconscious movement pattern. 

Moving with EASE and STABILITY..!




Darren is an Osteopath, with a background steeped in Ashtanga Yoga. He has always been a lover of movement, through yoga, surfing, swimming and more recently with DNS. DNS has personally allowed Darren to address longstanding injuries, and now feels he's moving better than ever, with greater awareness and stability.

Bianca is co-owner of Banksia Wellness Retreats and  a chiropractor, with 15 years of clinical experience. Bianca prioritises person-centric, individualised care within her movement classes, with hands-on assistance and attention.

Bianca is also trained in Yin Yoga. 





We will also have Holly Shoebridge joining us for a group Breathwork Session.

Holly is a registered holistic counsellor, health coach (CHEK), meditation & mindfulness teacher and functional breathwork teacher.  


"Whether consciously or not, in every instant, we are practising certain ways of moving. Intentional practice is the mechanism by which we can observe and alter our own movement patterns and enhance the quality and longevity of the way we are moving through life."

IMG_9580 (1)_edited.jpg



DNS - Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation


Joint strength and mobility


Yoga (modified ashtanga)


Yin Yoga by Night



Ice Bath


Fun :)

IMG_6014 3.jpg


Throughout the retreat you will be nourished with the most delectable, locally-sourced organic wholefoods. We are passionate about quality food and nutrition and assure you that your belly’s will be glowing with vitality and delight. 

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Experience 100 acres of seclusion on the Myall Lakes waterfront within the lush surroundings of the Pacific Palms Hinterland.

Imagine your own private jetty, sitting by the fire at night, sun warmed daybed, by day. Brimming with wildlife and flora, Sea Eagle Point is a side of the hinterland you've rarely seen, with equal charm and beauty to the rugged coastline of Cellito and Boomerang Beach.


There are so many extra options for movement; a tennis court, beautiful running and walking trails, swimming in the lake, table tennis table and badminton set. 

sea eagle pjpeg.jpeg


Twin share                          ~ $1190   (payment plan 4m of 240/m).     2 remaining

Private Queen room           ~ $1340  (payment plan 4m of 335/m)      SOLD OUT

Private Queen room             

   w/ ensuite                        ~ $1440  (payment plan 4m of 360/m)      SOLD OUT

   +plus one                          ~ $590   (sharing bed in above)


Places will be limited to ensure the movement classes are individualised. 

Payment plans are available on request

A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to confirm your place, the remainder is due 1 month before. 

Accommodation for 2 nights, activities and all meals are included.

Click HERE for terms & conditions.


If you haven't already connected with one of the facilitators please feel free to book a 10 minute chat to see if it's what you are looking for.






* Once you register for the retreat you will be sent details to transfer payment.

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