Recalibrate -

Diving into Health


Join us on the sweeping arc of pristine Boomerang Beach, we will enjoy movement, sacred circle work, creative play and stillness.  

This is our time to nourish deeply both body and mind, whilst exploring how we can better meet our needs and nurture our nervous system.

Time & Location


Sept/Oct 2022

TBC, Boomerang Beach, NSW



There are times in your life when you know, beyond all doubt, that you need to go within and listen. 

These are the moments you need breathing space.

Away from everything.

A space to reconnect to nature.

A place to quieten your mind.

A space to move your body in the way that it’s meant to move.
A place where only delicious nutritious food is dished up for you.

A space to sleep and dream deeply.
A space to reconnect to nature.


A space...just to BE....

Imagine retreating in the stunning Myall Lakes region surrounded by untouched, pristine beaches and the rainforest filled with wildlife. Rest in a beautiful luxury home quietly nestled amongst the trees yet still just a stones throw to Boomerang Beach.


Throughout the retreat you will be nourished with the delicious locally-sourced whole food. 

We are passionate about quality food and nutrition and most all will be sourced from our edible playground, the Barrington Coast. Bellies will glow with vitality and delight!!


Each day will begin with a mixture of movement and stillness. Then we explore our inner and outer worlds with creative play and workshops to find our way to being in the present moment. We will finish our days with calming, restorative breath work, soft, gentle stretch and dreaming.


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Like a tree, let’s ground our roots by connecting back to nature, strengthen our trunk with simple, fundamental movement, allow our branches to grow and explore with creative play and journalling, and our leaves will recharge

in the sun with stillness and meditation.  


Together we will breath and release, while being supported by experienced practitioners and teachers. 


This retreat involves Eliza and Bianca, holding space for you with complete presence and safety.

Eliza as an art therapist, counsellor, and yoga teacher, is deeply moved by all colours of our human experience and how we ultimately see ourselves in each other. Eliza is a trauma-informed practitioner and will hold and protect the therapeutic space, with deep compassion. Eliza will immerse us in the creative realm with art therapy, creative play and yoga. Enjoy guided meditations and beautiful discourse on how we can best nourish ourselves. 

As a chiropractor, Bianca has a deep understanding of human movement and the physical body, with full awareness that each and every body is unique and moves in its own innate way. She will hold fundamental movement play and mobility, yin yoga and breath work.

Together, you will be held - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Sample Flow:



    4.30pm       Drinks & welcome ceremony 

    6.00           Dinner

    7.00           Releasing breathwork and Yin 


    7.30am       Movement & mobility flow 

    8.30           Breakfast

    11.00         Creative workshop - nature

    12.30pm     Lunch

    3.30           Meditation & mindfulness 

    6.00           Dinner

    7.00           Yin Yoga


    7.30am       Bushwalk meditation (opt)

    8.30           Breakfast

    9.15           Intention releasing and circlework 

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Surrounded by some of NSW's most beautiful beaches and coastline. Our venue location is being finalised.

Boomerang Beach is a 3 hour drive from Sydney, and 2 hours from Newcastle.


Nourishing whole food will be served all weekend to heal, enliven and revitalise. 











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