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Women's Retreat


Blueys Beach/Barrington Coast 

Recalibrate: Making small changes to bring more vitality to your life


We know how hard it is to find the time to do something that reenergises ourselves. Here, we've created a safe, welcoming space where you can reconnect your body and mind and retreat from the daily noise.

The crystal clear waters and spectacular headlands of Blueys Beach are the ideal location for a deep dive into your health and recalibrating with the environment.

Based on four pillars: stress reduction tools, movement practices, mindfulness tools and nutritional knowledge.

Spend time building your understanding and confidence in using regulation practices, enhancing your toolkit for taking on the everyday.


Each of these practices is central to the individual’s overall wellbeing. We will deepen your knowledge and support you in integrating these practices both at the retreat and in your journey beyond.

Now is the time to nourish yourself.




Functional Movement Play -

strength, mobility and stability. 

Bringing curiosity to the way you move.

Yin Yoga- long slow meditative poses


(No prior movement experience needed.) 



Support your mental health with still and moving meditation, and breathwork


Enjoy a creative workshop to explore tools that may support you to care for yourself and regulate your nervous system.

Stress Reduction


retreat food 3.jpeg

Gut Health

A workshop with practical tips on how to nourish and support a thriving gut microbiome

Each day will commence with a balance of stillness and movement. We use a range of strategies throughout the day to realign our internal and external identities to support the sense of being present and whole.

Our days conclude with restorative practices, breathwork, gentle stretch and dreaming.



Yin yoga

Improve your gut health workshop

A creative nervous system regulation workshop


Movement workshops (functional & DNS)


Yoga flow


Yoga nidra


Mindfulness exploration

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 2.19.37 pm.png

Give space to understanding your needs, quietening your mind, aligning with nature and sharing your experience with others on the same path.

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 2.10.08 pm.png

This retreat involves Eliza and Bianca, holding space for you with complete presence and safety.

Eliza as an art therapist, counsellor, and yoga teacher, is deeply moved by all colours of our human experience and how we ultimately see ourselves in each other. Eliza is a trauma-informed practitioner and holds the therapeutic space with deep compassion. Eliza will immerse us in the creative realm with art therapy, creative play and yoga. Enjoy guided meditations and beautiful discourse on how we can best nourish ourselves. 

As a chiropractor, Bianca has a deep understanding of human movement and the physical body, with full awareness that each and every body is unique and moves in its own innate way. She will hold fundamental movement play and mobility, yin yoga and breath work.

Together, you will be held - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 



You will be retreating in the stunning Barrington Coast region surrounded by untouched, pristine beaches and rainforest filled with wildlife. Resting in a beautiful retreat home quietly nestled amongst mountainous farmland yet still just a stones throw to Blueys Beach. Our home for the weekend also includes a solar-heated lap pool and each room has it's own private balcony. 


Throughout the retreat you will be nourished with delicious locally-sourced whole food. We are passionate about quality nutrition and gut health, and are blessed to source from our edible playground, the Barrington Coast. 

Blueys Beach is just over 3 hours drive from Sydney, and under 2 hours from Newcastle.


Cost of self-investment :

Accommodation for 3 nights, all workshops and sessions, 3 meals a day (and a sweet treat) are included. 

Queen private room  1895

      or 4 payments of     475 

Twin share                   1290

      or 4 payments of    325 

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss a tailored payment plan to meet your needs.

Places will be VERY limited to keep the retreat intimate.

Click HERE for terms & conditions.

* Once you register for the retreat you will be sent details to transfer payment.

Walk on the Beach

‘Eliza and Bianca created such a welcoming and spiritually safe space to simply be, connect and rest.

 I am so grateful and will reflect on this experience always. Thank you with my open heart.'

— Naomi, Dec 2021


 'In almost 50 years of my life I have never felt so supported, accepted and loved just as I am.


A complete nourishment - mind, body and soul.Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.'

— Anon, Dec 2021 Retreat

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