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We are so excited to collaborate with GinaGee Creative, to bring you..

Connection through 

A 4-day retreat to allow for the magic of creativity.

Imagine doing something just for the sake of pure expression and enjoyment.. while experiencing the deeply meditative quality and connection of creativity within circle. 


3 nights, 4 days

April 28th - May 1st 2023

Bellingen, NSW



This unique retreat will take you on a rich and colourful journey of creativity, expressing yourself in many forms -felting, woodwork, sewing and symbology. 

Gina will gently guide us in workshops, to break things down to the simplest of steps, encouraging our imagination to flow. Bring home knowledge on new ways to create, and the curiosity to play with them at home. 

"The joy of connecting your heart and head with your hands"


The wonderful thing is, whilst enjoying our time there is also incredible therapeutic power in the process of creation.* Creating accesses all parts of the brain and has been shown to provide regulatory benefits, a way to practice mindfulness, as well as reconnecting to self and the world around us. 

The creative workshops will be complimented by an array of movement, mindfulness practices as well as rich group connection.

*This retreat is different to our other retreats where we offer creative means of group therapy.

This retreat will focus on creativity as a point of connection within a group, while also providing therapeutic benefits as a flow on of the process of creating. 

Come home with a renewed sense of clarity and inspiration to create, along with a refreshed and energised physical body.




My business, Ginagee Creations is a reflection of my creative journey. The forever evolving array of hand-crafted pieces started from a very young time in my life where I was drawing, sewing and crocheting. The more I created, the more I was able to learn and grow as I explored new techniques and ancient crafts.

I have not stuck to one particular idea or craft. I am constantly expanding and trying new things to make unique creations.

Combined with a deep passion for mother earth, I also source as much sustainable, local, recycled, second-hand materials as I can, so I leave less impact on this precious land. It also allows me to bring a second life and a story into my handmade treasures.




divine wild woman

"So often I have people tell me that they are scared to start making art. "They're not creative"... but we actually all are. You don't have to be an artist to create, or the best in the world. It is a way we can express ourselves, or our imagination, and we never know what we are going to unlock."


IMG_0339 2.JPG





Bianca holds fundamental movement play, 

mobility, yin yoga and breath work.

Our creative and physical elements on retreat provide us

 not only the time for the self-nourishment we crave and need

to follow our dreams, but also space to explore the embodiment

of our desires, physically and creatively.  



Creative Workshops

- felting

-woodwork: whittling and/or pyrography



Daily Playful Movement Practice

Yin Yoga by night

Ceremony and Mandala Making

Organic Locally Sourced Wholefoods

Fun :)



Created by nature loving artists this beautiful Moroccan/Balinese styled house is exquisite with unique touches throughout. Each bedroom has a double bed and 2 singles. Our house is fully off grid and environmentally sustainable. 


Just twelve minutes outside Belllingen, we have five acres of paradise, nestled amongst the mountains.  

The Bellingen shire is an abundance of deep rainforests, tranquil rivers and stunning waterfalls, while hamlets and farmlands share the hills and valleys.


Self investment:

Accommodation for 3 nights, all workshops and materials, 3 meals a day (and a sweet treat) are included. 

Pay-in-full or payment plans available:

Double bed shared room $1090 or 4 monthly payments of $275

(Share with a friend $800 each)

Single bed shared room $980 or monthly payments of $245

If you prefer to pay-in-full, deposit is $300 to confirm your booking and the remainder is due by 1st March 2023. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss a tailored payment plan to meet your needs.

Click HERE for terms & conditions.

If you haven't already connected with one of the facilitators please feel free to book a 10 minute chat to see if it's what you are looking for.

Places will be limited to keep the retreat intimate.



* Once you register for the retreat you will be sent details to transfer payment.

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